Lexington Prep School’s SAT Preparation Program is a summer boarding and day camp located near Boston in Lexington, MA. For 3 weeks, students work to improve their performance in the key areas of SAT/SSAT preparation and beyond, including Advanced Critical Reading, Writing, and Math. College Essay and Public Speaking classes, and weekly university tours, are a part of our summer college prep initiative. Studies and SAT/SSAT test prep are balanced with fun Sunday and weekday activities.



The Advanced SAT summer program is our highest-level summer academic program. Organized around rigorous preparation for the SAT, the course consists of far more than vocabulary and grammar drills or practice of test-taking strategies. Students engage in advanced critical reading, argumentative academic writing, group problem solving, guided research and public speaking classes. These activities enhance their test-taking skills in the short term, benefit them in their academic work in high school, and equip them with tools they will need for success in college. Discussion-based classes are structured to provide ample opportunities for students to lead inquiry into topics of academic interest, to develop and argue points of view, and to work together devising solutions to complex problems.

Please note that in order to work successfully in the highest level of our SAT Preparation Program, students must give evidence of high-level proficiency in reading and writing English. We reserve the right to counsel applicants toward the SAT test prep level that is appropriate to their proficiency.

  • One full SAT practice test each week and daily quizzes
  • One college tour each week (Harvard, MIT and Brown)
  • One excursion each week to Canobie Lake Park and Boston City Tour
  • Private tutoring is also available
  • 120 instructional and test hours for 3 weeks of intensive SAT Math and English study
    • English SAT
      Writing and grammar skills
      Critical reading skills
    • Math SAT
      Intensive skill development
      How to answer word and logic problems
      How to recognize SAT traps  


    Designed for international students who have significant experience studying English and are conversationally proficient, our SAT Prep and English Language Improvement Program focuses on preparing students to take the SAT, a test of aptitude that is usually required for applications to US colleges and universities, while they improve their ability to read and write in English. Students learn about the structure of the SAT, in particular, expectations for its critical reading and essay writing derived from American educational practices. Vocabulary, Grammar, Essay Writing and Critical Reading classes are designed to both address SAT-specific areas of knowledge, and include more generalized instruction in areas of difficulty common to many English second-language readers and writers.

    Students in this course also have the opportunity to develop their speaking, reading and writing skills beyond how they are measured through standardized tests. Topics of special interest to international students, such as current world affairs, diverse cultural practices, and differences in national educational systems provide ample opportunity for discussion-based inquiry, advanced academic reading and essay writing. A public speaking class gives students the opportunity to pursue research in an area of personal interest and formally present their findings to their peers and teachers.


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