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It is not always practical or advisable for students to travel
to their homes during short vacations such as Thanksgiving
or Spring Break. At LPS we offer an attractive, beneficial

The LPS Short Vacation Program provides boarding-school
students a safe, enriching, and positive environment if they
choose not to return home during this short break. We offer
two options for this holiday program. Regardless of which
option you choose, you will enjoy the security, support, gour-
met cuisine, and opportunities for diversion available from our
grand yet comfortable facilities. Both programs provide the
same safe, supportive environment and the opportunity to
enjoy a well-deserved break.

Faculty & Staff
Students staying with us here at LPS during short break will
benefit from our supportive, responsible, reliable, and friendly
staff. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about the Boston area
and can help students make the most of any time they may
spend off campus.

Our instructors are highly trained, experienced, and familiar
with the educational needs of international students. We have
a long track record at LPS of helping students realize signifi-
cant gains on standardized tests after even a relatively short,
intensive period of instruction and preparation. Students who
choose the Balanced Plan will find their time in the classroom
very well spent. These same experienced, successful
educators are also available for private tutoring where the
specific needs of individual students can be evaluated and
addressed to great effect.

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