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  • Lexington Prep School requires that you certify your application by submitting an electronic signature. To certify your application, read the text below and type your name in the signature box.
  • Please note that your signature indicates your understanding of the LPS refund policy. A non-refundable $1,000 deposit and $100 registration fee are required with this registration to reserve your space. Upon payment of the balance, the deposit will be credited to your account. The balance is due 30 days prior to starting date. Please send the Teacher Recommendation Form along with the Summer Registration Form.
  • Tuition in this contract includes fees for Room & Board. 1) A complete refund, less the deposit, is only guaranteed if applicant cancels 30 days or more before the program start date. The course deposit is non-refundable. If Student cancels 29 days to 1 day before the course start date, 50% of course fee shall be refunded less the deposit. Tuition will not be refunded on or after the program start date. In the event of cancelling or rescheduling a private tutoring session, if the school is not notified more than 5 days prior to the original scheduled date, the cancelled or rescheduled class hours shall be all paid for in full by Student. 2) In the event of the attitude or behavior of Student is offensive and hinders the study of other students, LPS shall have the right to give one warning to said Student. If LPS warns Student a second time, LPS reserves the right to deny Student from taking the course on that day. If LPS warns Student a third time, LPS will deny Student from taking the whole course, in order to stop said unacceptable behavior. In such event, tuition for the course missed shall not be refunded at all.