What’s special about our location? Educational opportunities in the Greater Boston Area

LPS provides more than the academic tools college students will need to apply to, be accepted by, and succeed at highly competitive U.S. private schools. We guide students in their investigation of the type of school that will provide them with the best academic, social, and residential fit for their education in the U.S. We are ideally situated to perform this function: our location in Lexington, Massachusetts gives our students a distinct advantage over more remotely located programs.

LPS also serves as an excellent home base for international students who wish to explore the next step of their education while they are enrolled in the Intensive Academic English Program. Our close proximity to the Greater Boston and Cambridge areas gives our students easy access to one of the world’s premier locations for secondary day and boarding schools, colleges, and research universities.

The Boston area offers unparalleled material and human resources for instruction, research, and social networking. However, accessing and navigating this wealth of resources can be overwhelming for international students and their parents. LPS is committed to providing students with the guidance they need to make the best choice for their futures, and our location makes in-person investigation of educational options possible.