SAT Test Prep Classes

At Lexington Prep School, we pride ourselves in offering programs that go beyond “teaching to the test.”

Rather than simply lecturing to students, repeating practice drills or teaching “test-taking tricks,” we see the summer program as a chance for students to be coached by expert teachers, to engage in discussion-based learning with a diverse group of talented peers, and to develop their skills in writing and public speaking.

Our small class sizes ensure that teachers get to know each student’s personality and areas of academic interest.

Our staff and facilities offer our students comfort, convenience and care, helping them make the most of their educational opportunity. We make studies fun with engaging academic activities, such as vocabulary games and tournaments, and balanced with weekend activities such as talent shows, college campus visits, trips to the amusement park and local shopping venues, and an end-of-program graduation ceremony.

SAT Curriculum
We begin by focusing on teaching students the foundational and essential knowledge needed to approach the SAT. Students will learn essential grammar, how to read closely and actively, and how to identify and approach rhetoric. The essay class will be used to augment students’ rhetorical analysis and writing skills.  Students, through class instruction and practice problems, will further develop their fundamental math skills during the first week of our session. The content will cover what the SAT refers to as the “heart of algebra, problem solving and data analysis, and passport to advanced mathematics.”

Subsequently, we focus on shaping students’ critical minds. The verbal section is approached more holistically. Students will learn how to read passages closely, and look at question critically. Furthermore, along with practice questions, students will also work on the essay as a means of better understanding rhetoric and identifying mistakes on the writing section.

Based on our initial work, students will further their math skills to work on their problem solving and data analysis. This section covers data analysis in graphical and tabular forms. Additionally, we will teach based on the SAT’s modeling in the STEM areas.

Finally, the curriculum is constructed from an aggregate understanding of prior lessons and focuses on test-taking strategies. The strategies will focus on how to minimize mistakes, why each question has a correct answer and how to choose it.

By the end, students will have a firmer grasp on how to read, write, and analyze rhetoric critically, and their grammar skills will have been refined. The last few days provide the most practice, which places a greater responsibility on students. The essay class will focus on how to interpret and analyze more contemporary forms of argument and commentary.

The final instruction in math, much like the final week of verbal, focuses on refining the test taking skills and strategies for students. While students will have had ample access to homework and in-class problems, we will also be working through 10 practice sets, drill sets, and weekly assignments. Students’ areas of weakness will also continue to be addressed as they solve more practice problems.

Monday -Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Free Time
9 am SAT Reading SAT Reading Full SAT Practice Test
10 am SAT Math SAT Math Brunch
11 am SAT Writing & Language SAT Writing & Language Sunday Excursion Canobie Lake Park,  City of Boston, Six Flags, etc.
12 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch
1 pm SAT Writing

College Tour Harvard University, Boston College*

Sports Activity
2 pm SAT Essay
3 pm College Application Essay Study Hall
4 pm Mini-Test Cumulative Quiz
5 pm Dinner Dinner Dinner
6 pm Sports Activity & Free Time Sports Activity & Free Time Sports Activity & Free Time *Dinner Off-Campus
8 pm Study Hall (Mandatory) Study Hall (Mandatory) Study Hall (Mandatory)
9 pm Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
11 pm Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out

*Students are responsible for Sunday dinner on excursion days.
*Based on availability, the tour may be of Harvard, MIT, BC, BU, or Northeastern University.

*Actual schedule may vary.