SSAT Test Prep Classes

SSAT Test Prep Classes

At Lexington Prep School, we take pride in the fact that most, if not all, of our SSAT students enter into the prestigious boarding school of their choice. Furthermore, we are glad to share that many of our SSAT students return for the SAT to continue their academic pursuits.  

Designed for mature, academically talented middle school students planning to apply to private secondary schools in the U.S., our SSAT Prep Program is organized around instruction in reading, analogies, writing, mathematics and problem-solving skills that are measured by the SSAT. 

Each weekday the SSAT test prep classes end with a daily vocabulary quiz. This is not merely an exercise in rote memorization, but an integral part of the overall program. These quizzes, custom-designed by LPS, are powerful teaching tools that tie essential vocabulary building to reading material presented elsewhere in the program so as to systematically expand a student’s lexicon in a specialized but utilitarian manner. 

Outside of class time, students in the SSAT prep program take part in recreational and social activities with other program participants, including boarding school visits. 

Our small class sizes ensure that teachers get to know each student’s personality and areas of academic interest.

Our staff and facilities offer Summer Program students comfort, convenience and care, helping them make the most of their educational opportunity. Studies are made fun with engaging academic activities, such as vocabulary games and tournaments, and balanced with weekend activities such as talent shows, boarding school visits, trips to the amusement park and local shopping venues, and an end-of-program graduation ceremony.

Classes dedicated to vocabulary building and essay writing help strengthen essential skills. Regular practice tests give students the chance to familiarize themselves with the overall content, essay writing expectations, and timed conditions of the SSAT.  This is part of the overall approach to SSAT test prep instruction at LPS that imparts skills applicable to a given standardized exam as well as to on-going success in high school, college, and beyond.

One of the reasons our course is so uniquely effective is that it is intensive and demanding.  Therefore, we are proud to accept students who are highly-motivated, goal-oriented, and prepared to put in the hard work necessary to get the most out of the program and themselves.

Every student entering the program is tested and evaluated to determine his or her most appropriate level. Courses at each level are conducted to challenge the upper range of a student’s capacity whenever possible. In this way, students of any level are assured of exceeding that capacity by the end of the program.

Initially, we focus orienting students with the SSAT test. Students will be taught essential vocabulary and will be taught to “feel” for words. They are then acquainted with synonyms and analogies. They will also be taught reading comprehension skills and practice with a wide array of texts. Furthermore, their basic math skills will be refined as they learn about fundamental concepts.

Later, students will continue to work on building their vocabulary during their second week. Students will also have more practice reading difficult texts and poems.  Students will be taught reading strategies that help them to more quickly and accurately answer critical reading questions. They will be given additional math questions and concepts to better help them identify question types and more precisely answer difficult questions.

The curriculum towards the end of the two-week program is constructed from an aggregate understanding of the work thus far and focuses on test-taking strategies. The strategies will focus on how to minimize mistakes, why each question has a correct answer, and how to choose correct answer choices.

By the end of the program, students will have a firmer grasp on vocabulary, analogies, critical and close reading, and fundamental math concepts.

Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Free Time
9 am SSAT Writing SSAT Reading Full SSAT Practice Test
10 am SSAT Reading SSAT Math Brunch
11 am SSAT Vocabulary SSAT Writing
12 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch

Sunday Excursion

Canobie Lake Park, City of Boston, Six Flags

1 pm Secondary School Application Essay Secondary School Tours Sports Activity (Soccer game)
2 pm SSAT Math
3 pm Study Hall Study Hall
4 pm Vocabulary Quiz Vocabulary Quiz Cumulative Quiz
5 pm Dinner Dinner Dinner
6 pm Sports Activity & Free Time Sports Activity & Free Time Sports Activity & Free Time *Dinner Off-Campus
8 pm Study Hall (Mandatory) Study Hall (Mandatory) Cumulative Quiz Retake Free Time
9 pm Free Time Free Time Free Time
11 pm Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out

*Actual schedule may vary.

*Students are responsible for Sunday dinner on the excursion days.