Immerse yourself in SAT, SSAT or TOEFL Test Prep with like-minded students from the United States and from all over the world.

To raise your test scores, you need to learn the rules of the test. With instruction and guidance from our expert teachers, you can and will raise your test scores. Typically we have seen students jump between 100 and 200 points after they have have spent one or two sessions at Lexington Prep. 

We help students with reading strategy; learning to understand complex material that is initially very challenging and overwhelming. We teach students the writing process– collecting information, organizing it, developing a thesis, topic sentence, analyzed quotations, wrapped up in a thoroughly solid structure. We quickly identify gaps in knowledge in mathematics, and focus on mastery of math concepts– solving each problem quickly and accurately.

We look forward to meeting you! At Lexington Prep School you will gain the skills confidence and ability to perform well, and present yourself as a competitive candidate in college and beyond.

I'm known for my skill at recognizing what you need as a student to achieve success. My students describe me as someone who builds their confidence and skills in a patient and nurturing way. They tell me my standards are high, but I make sure they get there! When I work with you, I'm 100% engaged with you as a person, matching what I teach to what you need. 

Nancy N. SAT

LPS Reading & Writing Teacher, Lexington Prep School