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Here are what students say about our program, faculty and their experience at LPS:

“SAT Verbal prep delivered in an intriguing and relevant way”
– Charles B, New York, NY
Admission to Columbia University

“His classes never felt like lectures; they were conversations where we would learn about both English and life.”
– Jade H, France
Admission to Northwestern University

“Mr. Ko can translate that intrinsic understanding into forms that we students can understand and apply ourselves.”
– Brian J, Wellesley, MA
Admission to Washington University at Saint Louis

“The quality of my essay rose from a 7 to a 12, and I couldn’t have done it without your help!”
– Tori F, Columbus, OH
 Admission to Oberlin College

“Having the time of my life in a classroom setting discussing myriads of topics, ranging from 19th century literary theory to modern politics. Never felt so engaged in studying rhetorical devices for hours on end.”
– Audrey W, Lexington, MA

“I cried with joy when my daughter got into multiple top independent schools we applied to.  The whole journey made her stronger academically and taught her how to tell her story to the admission committee.”
– Parent, Andover, MA
 Admission to Middlesex School

Testimonials regarding Mr. Samuel Ko, our Academic Director:

I spent a month at Lexington Prep School during summer 2016. Sam Ko was my English and SAT teacher. Sam was an incredible teacher. I remember that no matter how tired I was, his class would always revitalize me. Never was I bored by the class topic or the activity we had to do. I liked how we would always start by listening to music while Sam shared stories about his life. He would come up with jokes and puns for us to learn the rules of English syntax, grammar, or spelling, making everybody more entertained, awake, and productive.

Sam is not your average teacher. In fact, I would not only consider him as a teacher but also as a mentor. I related to him, his struggles, his joys, his laughs. And he related to us. His classes never felt like lectures. They were conversations where we would learn about both English and life. In some aspects, I would compare Sam Ko to professor John Keating in Dead Poets Society: charismatic, energetic and inspiring. Ko Captain! My Captain!    Admission to Northwestern

Hi Sam! I just wanted to thank you semi-formally. Your lessons have paved a future for me. The quality of my essay rose from a 7 to a 12, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without your help. My writing score skyrocketed, and I can’t thank you enough for it. Furthermore, I don’t think I could have possibly raised my critical reading score on my own. I can’t express how grateful I am. Your lessons have opened so many college doors for me and have developed my future. Thank you much.   Admission to Oberlin

Where to begin. A bright, energetic, and charismatic mentor and friend, Sam Ko has influenced multiple high schoolers in the greater Boston area both in and out of the classroom. His stellar reputation as a great English teacher is not left unwarranted- a sculptor of the English language, he writes essays exceptionally well; he knows what he’s doing. While that in and of itself is impressive to me, what makes him especially impressive, is his ability to clearly and accurately translate that intrinsic understanding into forms that we students can understand and apply ourselves. That is, his feedback are helpful, concise, and strikingly clear. And through it all, he never fails to compliment, being mindful of and accepting of his students’ inputs and opinions.

On a more personal note, he helped me tons on my college common app essay, my supplemental essays, and some of my scholarship essays. Even prior to all of that college stuff, he had looked over some of my English essays from school and had even helped me improve my SAT writing. And all of this was done with a genuine willingness to help me- a mere high schooler- out. Not only did that expose a discipline in him, but it also displayed, to me, his love for English. As a student who had lacked an interest in both reading and writing, I struggled to perform well in English class throughout much of high school. Seeing Sam, however, so invested in the English language gave me something to think about- that maybe this area is worth the time and effort and that something about English, which I hadn’t perceived then, must have kept him firmly rooted in his love for it. Surely enough, I began to explore the English language. I began to read more. I began to like writing- to the point that I’d end up writing for fun. While much of this improvement did spark from an intrinsic motivation, I give a lot of the credit to Sam for giving me the incentive to explore in the first place.  Admission to Wash U @ St. Louis

When I learned that I had to attend 3 weeks of SAT camp, I was, perhaps justifiably, less than enthused. However, I had no idea how life-changing my time there would be. Upon meeting Mr. Ko, I was immediately taken aback by his wonderfully extroverted and encouraging character, and after a couple of days, I ended up having the time of my life in a classroom setting discussing myriads of topics, ranging from 19th century literary theory to modern politics. Never before had I met an educator who could keep his students so engaged in studying rhetorical devices for hours on end, and I was beyond amazed.

Regardless of topic, Mr. Ko would always have a thought-provoking tidbit of knowledge or interesting question that is bound to generate more research and exploration. His dedication to my academic life greatly improved my speaking and writing skills, as well as my proficiency in thinking, reading, and writing critically. He not only taught me subjects and methods to learning, but also how to find value in education and all other aspects of life. While his unique intellectual and creative capabilities are evident, his kind and humorous personality also make him an approachable role model, one who empathizes with students deeply and forms meaningful, genuine relationships with everyone he meets. His comprehensive knowledge about nearly anything, combined with his ability to connect with young people, makes conversation with him stimulating and fun.

Finally, Mr. Ko is genuinely passionate about education. He consistently strives to improve his teaching style, discover more tactics in learning and educating, and support his students in all walks of life. In all of his classrooms, he creates an atmosphere that celebrates diversity of thought, as well as strong, long-lasting bonds within the community. He helped me realize that with the power of knowledge, I am able to accomplish the impossible and inspire thousands of people to blaze their own paths as well. His character, intellectual curiosity, and investment in the art of education all make Mr. Ko a truly transformative teacher.  Junior in High School.

Mr. Ko is the first teacher I’ve had who makes every class a new, engaging, and fun experience. His teaching has helped me realize that learning grammar or how to write an essay goes way beyond just memorizing a textbook; it’s about finding interest in whatever you’re trying to write. And, I’ve seen how he manages to captivate his students’ attention in each and every class.

On a more personal level, Mr. Ko’s tips on the college application and testing process were immensely useful to me – I’ve recently seen how they can be applied to any stressful testing situation.  Overall, Mr. Ko, you have the incredible ability of getting your students to have fun while learning!  Student from Shanghai/France/NY

A good teacher makes the student improve and get better grades. A great teacher allows for improvement and sparks further curiosity about the subject at hand. However, to be an exceptional teacher, improvement and curiosity must work hand in hand and the student becomes invested in the idea of progressing by following what interest him or her. Indeed, Mr. Ko is an exceptional teacher as he not only helped me progress immensely with my SAT scores but also made the process of learning captivating. I vividly remember dreading the idea of taking SAT classes over the summer but this dread quickly subsided after my first class with Mr. Ko as he rendered the period not only helpful but exciting. Mr. Ko has the distinct ability to make a subject, that can be considered rather bland, intriguing and relevant. He is able to do this by creating great bonds with his students and by encouraging active engagement with the task at hand. As a teacher and a friend, Mr. Ko uses his natural energy to ensure that students are focused on the course while also taking pressure off of them. In addition, in Mr. Ko’s class, I progressed not only on my SAT’s but also learned a vast amount of information and skills that will be helpful in the long run. For example, for the SAT reading section, it can be difficult to follow exactly what a text is saying but when Mr. Ko read it out loud, the true meanings became crystal clear. His way of reading showed that one had to be critically engaged and have an active mind in order to truly comprehend and use a passage. Whenever I read a complicated text, I attempt to do as he does in order to have the best understanding. Indeed, the positive influence of his courses remain with the student in the long term thanks to his unique teaching style, great energy and personal investment in the course. Mr. Ko is simply an exceptional teacher.  Admission to Columbia University.

From late night Skype calls to countless appointments at local cafés, Mr. Ko has worked tirelessly for my benefit and success in the college application process. I believe his steadfast willingness to put forth his utmost effort in helping students prepare college applications and craft essays is a testament to his selfless dedication and passion in working with young individuals. Although the past few months were undoubtedly one of the most stressful and trying periods of my life–especially after receiving multiple college rejection letters in the early decision round–Mr. Ko trained me to stay focused and resilient amidst such difficult and draining times, and he has been an unwavering source of encouragement, wisdom, and support for me. My college preparation experience with Mr. Ko has taught me to become sensitive to my emotions and life experiences, which are lessons I hope to carry as I enter a new chapter of my life–one that will undeniably be filled with a series of both physical and emotional trials. In retrospect, I can confidently say that Mr. Ko has been a crucial resource throughout my college application process, not merely as an instructor or tutor, but also as a role-model, mentor, and dear friend. Above all, I can truly say that he has taught me to become a better student, son, and friend to those around me. Admission to Amherst.

Working with Mr. Ko has been one of the best educational experiences I have had to this day, and he is, without a doubt, one of the most helpful teachers I’ve learned from. Throughout our sessions, he made everything very engaging, and also informative. His style of teaching, though nuanced, is very easy to follow, and he tailors his teaching style to meet the individual learning styles of his students. He has a vast and deep understanding of numerous topics such as English, literature, philosophy, art, journalism/communication, theology, religion, and contemporary social issues. I’ve learned a great deal from the wide variety of intellectual discussions that we had, and his vast knowledge has helped remarkably with any question I had. While he is very knowledgeable in numerous subjects, he only provides relevant information, making our working sessions highly efficient and invaluable.

Alongside his qualities as a teacher, Mr. Ko is also an incredible person. While Mr. Ko is incredibly knowledgeable, he never comes across as condescending or arrogant; instead, he seems like he truly cares about our success. Moreover, his enthusiasm, energy, and passion are contagious and fruitful. He goes above and beyond to help his students and really cares about our emotional and spiritual well being—consistently checking up on his students to see how they are doing, and sacrificing his free time to meet their needs. His character and his care for his students, alongside his vast intellectual knowledge and his effective teaching are simply unparalleled. Junior in High School.