SAT Verbal prep delivered in an intriguing and relevant way.

Charles B, New York, NY

Admission to Columbia University

The classes never felt like lectures; they were conversations where we would learn about both English and life.

Jade H, France

Admission to Northwestern University

My teacher could translate that intrinsic understanding into forms that we students can understand and apply ourselves.

Brian J, Wellesley, MA

Admission to Washington University at Saint Louis

The quality of my essay rose from a 7 to a 12, and I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Tori F, Columbus, OH

Admission to Oberlin College

Having the time of my life in a classroom setting discussing myriads of topics, ranging from 19th century literary theory to modern politics. Never felt so engaged in studying rhetorical devices for hours on end.

Audrey W, Lexington, MA

I cried with joy when my daughter got into multiple top independent schools we applied to.  The whole journey made her stronger academically and taught her how to tell her story to the admission committee.

Parent, Andover, MA

Admission to Middlesex School

My experience at LPS has been amazing, and I am so grateful I had the chance to attend. I learned a lot of things that will not only be useful for the SAT, but also for other academic areas. I met a bunch of wonderful and loving people, and I really feel like we all became a family. The staff here is amazing and so sweet, even though I struggled a little bit with vocab tests I felt very happy at LPS, and it kills me to even think that I will have to leave. Thank you LPS for the wonderful experience!

Majo, Ecuador

I’m really glad that I got to spend my summer at LPS. I not only increased my SAT scores and widened my vocabulary, but also made a lot of friends from all over the world. At the end of the program, I realized that all my hard work paid off because it was evident in my improvement. I also developed good studying habits and figured out what works best for me. I made a lot of memories, and I will never forget them. I want to thank LPS for this amazing opportunity, and I recommend their program to anyone who is hoping to get better scores on the SAT and have a great time!

Kate, Connecticut

I had an extremely good experience, and improved my math and reading scores. The reading teacher gave me valuable strategies for maximizing time and being efficient, which allowed me to take more time on difficult questions. LPS also places an emphasis on practicing, which allows students to apply the skills and strategies we learned in class.

DJ, Massachusetts