TOEFL Test Prep

At Lexington Prep School, we pride ourselves in offering programs that go beyond “teaching to the test.”

Rather than simply lecturing to students, repeating practice drills or teaching “test-taking tricks,” we see the summer program as a chance for students to be coached by expert teachers, to engage in discussion-based learning with a diverse group of talented peers, and to develop their skills in writing and public speaking.

Our small class sizes ensure that teachers get to know each student’s personality and areas of academic interest.

Our staff and facilities offer our students comfort, convenience and care, helping them make the most of their educational opportunity. Studies are made fun with engaging academic activities, such as vocabulary games and tournaments, and balanced with weekend activities such as talent shows, college campus visits, trips to the amusement park and local shopping venues, and an end-of-program graduation ceremony.

Our TOEFL test prep curriculum is a very unique! 

Our small class sizes ensure that teachers get to work closely with students, and the flexibility of our TOEFL curriculum allows teachers to tailor classes to students’ needs. Our program helps students develop the necessary skills to do well not only on the TOEFL, but also in their academic careers. Students take a step further in not only learning academic vocabulary but using it in writing and speaking,   Students will also practice answering questions orally and providing answers for the oral section of the TOEFL.

Week 1

The focus is on academic vocabulary.  Students learn how to study vocabulary and develop a plan for learning new words.  They will individualize their word lists by identifying the words they know on a given list so that they can progress rapidly.  Students will begin to use the vocabulary by writing sentences and paragraphs with the new words. This will result in ongoing assignments throughout the program.

Week 2

Students will read paragraphs and practice identifying main ideas and important details. They will respond to the paragraphs both orally and in writing.  They will do short prompts and practice timed oral responses.

Monday -Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Free Time
9 am Grammar / Writing Grammar / Writing Cumulative English Test
10 am American Culture (Reading & Speaking) American Culture Brunch
11 am Essential Vocabulary Essential Vocabulary Sunday Excursion Canobie Lake Park,  City of Boston, Six Flags, etc.
12 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch
1 pm TOEFL Class

Secondary School Tours

Sports Activity / Free Time
2 pm
3 pm Study Hall
4 pm Vocabulary Quiz / Mini-Test Cumulative Quiz
5 pm Dinner Dinner Dinner
6 pm Sports Activity & Free Time Sports Activity & Free Time Sports Activity & Free Time *Dinner Off-Campus
8 pm Study Hall (Mandatory) Study Hall (Mandatory) Planned Activities
9 pm Free Time Free Time Free Time Free Time
11 pm Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out Lights Out

*Students are responsible for Sunday dinner.